May 7, 2023


Home security systems are smarter than ever before.  Almost completely gone are the days of frustrating false alarms with new advances in home security systems.  With the rise in popularity of do-it-yourself home security, many homeowners see value in a professionally-installed home security system.  Recent advances and cellular technology have eliminated the need for a land-based telephone line and have connected owners to their people, property, and possessions more than ever before.

Here are just a few of the benefits of smart security:

  1. Smart phone control - your smartphone can now control your system and arm/disarm whether you’re at home or away and also notify you when something is amiss.  It becomes a remote control keypad that’s with you wherever you go.
  2. Added layers of protection - when integrated into your security system, video doorbells and smart cameras can notify you of suspicious activity at odd times and allow you to take a “LIVE” look-in at what’s going on.  Remote garage door control and smart door locks let you unlock & lock doors remotely and can eliminate the inconvenience of traditional keys.
  3. Energy cost savings - lighting control with dimming and smart thermostats can learn your living patterns and adjust themselves to optimize a balance of comfort and energy savings.
  4. Insurance savings - most homeowners’ insurance policies offer discounts of up to 10% annually for a professionally-monitored home security system.  Insurers know these systems deter crime and protect your property and possessions.
  5. Peace of mind & aging in place - many families are seeking to extend the time elderly loved ones can continue to live independently in their own homes.  Occupancy sensors, activity monitors, cameras and other smart security devices can send smartphone notifications to loved ones that everything is OK or if there’s a need to check in on the ones who cared for us for so many years.

If you haven’t looked into the many benefits of a smart security system lately, these and other recent advances make it worth a look today.

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